Garbicz Festival 2020

30 July – 3 August 2020 in Garbicz / Poland

„Hey It‘s us again“ your community from Garbicz in Poland!

We invite you to a trip to visit us.

Attention: Garbicz is not just a festival, it‘s a voyage! Be ready to stumble upon yourself and find your 'otherself' again.

To put our good old friend the spirit „Luck“ in the game, we have some early bird tickets for you in this round. When the cheapest batch is sold it switches directly to the higher one until all batches are sold.

Good Luck, Good Server, Go and catch them if you can!

The price for this little vacation away from your neurotic environment and urban boundaries includes the Festival Ticket and Camping on the ground for 5 days.

We also include 80 Euros in our festival currency as a starting package, so you can indulge and feast right after your arrival and relax. We serve you international cuisine and local polish classics and a huge variety of good drinks. Water is free. Fill your bottles. Eating and drinking together makes less trash and more happy. Leave your plastic at home.

For the nature, the village and to make your travel as comfortable as possible, you will be picked up by bus in Berlin and returned safely. If you would rather travel in the comfort of your own van, your share, included in the ticket price, will be used to support us being able to provide our bus service to our other guests

All of the finest for everyone until everything is finished.

„We are happy to welcome your souls on the ground!“

Yours Garbicz Crew