Dearest Friends,

We miss your presence dearly on our magical site and would love to have you with us again by the sun and the lake. We would like to kindly invite you to join us in celebrating life and nature on the Garbicz grounds for a series of unique weekend experiences.

To ease some of the disconnectivity of the past months and make up for some of the alchemy we lost due to Garbicz Festival being cancelled, we are opening our gates once more. Join us in enjoying our beautiful natural environment that is once again ready to receive you, without festival but with all the fun and friends we can fit into a weekend.

In compliance with local laws, we have organised a series of limited-ticket camping events to take place through the summer months. These events are also an initiative that will enable us to continue our work here and sustain the natural environment. We have a bespoke little programme made up and a few surprises thought out for you.

We look forward to sharing good vibes, time and space with you amongst our favorite place on earth.

What we need to keep in mind this weekend:

  • No speakers allowed - We would like to ask you to not bring your own speakers, not even small ones. Without the festival running we have different sound permits and we also would like to give our neighbours some peace of mind during these tough times on planet earth. Sound systems will be confiscated, sold online and the proceeds donated to Sea-Watch, so help us keep things shanti by leaving them at home, we promise you that you will not need them with you!
  • Leave No Trace: neither the trees nor the lake like cigarettes or plastic. Help us by putting rubbish in the bin, taking it with you. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  • Disrespecting the COVID-19 regulations; let’s stay healthy. Bring a mask, keep a safe distance, and make sure you look over our Health and Safety guidelines. Safe is sexy!
  • Low immune systems: If you feel ill, or have a low immune system for any reason, we’d like you to stay as healthy as possible and not join us on these weekends, we would like you to stay safe!

We look forward to making some magic with you over the following weekend...

PS: If you don’t have any camping gear, please shoot us an email at to find out more about our accommodation options.


The Garbicz Crew